Fleas on Humans?

What is more irritating and disturbing than having fleas in house? The initial step towards your defense is to secure the home base. It is for sure that the fleas will find their way easily no matter whether you have a Fort Knox, apartment or a house. These fleas are known as the tiny invaders. Well, there are many ways to avoid the future infestation.
It is not at all shocking or surprising that mostly people become victim to the flea bites. What is the major reason behind the rise in the growth of fleas? The major reason is the high utilization of central heating. These are surely the nasty but small parasites and they like the warm weather at the most. Moreover, these are more active in the summer season in order to end their life cycle on a quicker note. The yuckiest thing happens when their eggs actually broke up as they are really black and sticky. These parasites love to run really fast or crawl on your body parts like ankles or legs rather than jumping. The very first puncture wound is highly itchy in nature, thus, the more you will touch it, the more it will become disturbed and itchy.

How To Treat The Flea Bites On Humans?

Well, the increment in the fleas in house has forced every one of us to find good ways to treat the flea bites. It is better not to scratch the bite. I know it is really difficult to control us from doing this, thats wht we provide effective solutions on how to treat flea bites on humans.
The flea bites on humans can be treated by washing away the infected area of your body with cold water.
The warm water will only worsen the situation. The infected area will become itchy.
You can also position a cold ice pack on the flea bite.
Another option is to apply the calamine lotion on your bite.
If none of these methods are working, you can buy a mild anti-histamine cream from a chemist or a pharmacy.

How to Kill Fleas in your House

In case you are very sure that you have fleas in house, you must vacuum the carpets as much as possible because this activity will remove the 50% of their eggs for sure. You must also wash the bedding of your pets especially dogs with a nice flea control shampoo. In case your pet dog is having really bad flea infestation, take the dog immediately to a good veteran. Otherwise they will again and again give birth to fleas on humans.
In order to avoid the flea infection at your home place you must make use of the flea fogger or flea bombs. The fleas live on birds, animals and human beings. Once you have thought of using the flea bomb, end all your tensions and worries. You do not have to wait for 6 months to see the effect because the chemicals present in the bombs are really strong. Even these flea bombs can kill the cockroaches and mosquitoes. The flea bombs are the best choice for sure.

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