Iris ‘Clarence’

Heavy-blooming and so reliable!
Tired of “blue” Irises that turn out to be purple? We are too — which is why we jumped at ‘Clarence’ when we saw it growing in our Iris breeder’s fields several years ago. We never expected, however, that it would have so many merits — a strong, sweet fragrance; a very reliable rebloom; and a robust growth habit. No wonder the American Iris Society has heaped it with praise.
These 4-inch blooms boast that combination of summer-sky-and-clouds color that is so hard to find, and so beautiful when it IS found. The standards are ivory at the base, shading into the most beautiful light blue at the gently ruffled tips. The falls have a more abrupt contrast from white to blue, and theirs is the color of Wedgwood china, with very slight crimping and ruffling at the tips. The beard is ivory as well, just brushed with cream. Altogether a daintily-colored, absolutely showstopping flower.
With such delicate beauty, you might think this plant is hard to grow, but nothing could be farther from the truth. ‘Clarence’ is a super-reliable reblooming Iris, setting one big show of color in early summer (at the height of Iris season), another at summer’s end. And the flowers are STRONGLY SCENTED — an unusual and very highly prized characteristic in Tall Bearded Irises! (Most varieties are fragrant, of course, but few have the strength of ‘Clarence’s’ sweet scent!)
‘Clarence’ reaches 3 feet tall and about a foot and a half wide, multiplying over time into giant colonies that you should divide for ever-increasing color. Very tolerant of heat, humidity, cold, and even drought, it is not fussy about soil type and puts up with quite a bit of rough weather.
Space the bareroot plants about 10 inches apart for a carpet of Wedgwood blue, laid at your feet TWICE every year! Zones 3-8.

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