Iris Sibirica ‘Golden Edge’

The micro-thin yellow edge on each of these petals is so subtle you may miss it until you realize that it outlines the bloom perfectly, as if backlighting it in the garden! A very dramatic combination of midnight-blue and bright gold, ‘Golden Edge’ is a triumph of color as well as an ultra-vigorous Siberian Iris by the most renowned breeder of the species.
These blooms reach 4 inches wide, with color so saturated it looks black in the shade, The yellow signal at the base of each petal is intricately scored in spidery black veins, adding to the bold look of the blooms. They arise very profusely in late midseason (early summer in most climates) on ultra-vigorous plants 18 to 24 inches high and 24 inches wide.
‘Golden Edge’ is a tetraploid Siberian Iris, meaning that it has twice the chromosomes of the traditiional (diploid) types. Tetraploidy is responsible for greater garden vigor, bud count, and bloomability, and it was unknown in Siberian and Japanese Iris until Dr. Currier McEwen, a New England physician, retired his practice and began indulging his hobby of breeding Iris in a serious way. Using his medical expertise, McEwen created the first tetraploid Siberian and Japanese Iris, eventually introducing hundreds of cultivars, winning every Iris award known to society, and writing the definitive book on the subject. We are always delighted to come across a McEwen Iris, and this season we are honored to offer, in addition to ‘Golden Edge,’ Japanese Iris ‘Harpswell Chantey.’
‘Golden Edge’ thrives in consistently moist soil and full sun in the north, afternoon or dappled shade farther south. It colonizes readily, is easy to divide, and needs almost no attention from you to bloom gloriously for many years. Treat yourself to the cut blooms or let the garden enjoy their magnificence. Zones 4-9.

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