Program Oral Suspension

Cat-lovers who are having problems with flea infestations should carry out a long-term flea control program for their animal as well as the environment in which their pet lives. Program (Novartis) is an oral suspension for flea control in cats, which may help owners prevent and finally get rid of fleas easily. Program oral suspension is a drug that should be given once a month, with food, before or after feeding.
The active ingredient in Program oral suspension is lufenuron, which is a benzoylphenyl urea. An insect growth regulator, it inhibits the formation of chitin in the fleas exoskeleton. This orally administered drug prevents feeding fleas from producing viable eggs or larvae, thus interrupting the life cycle of fleas. Administer Program oral suspension doses to your cat based on its weight. Packages come in boxes good for six months. For cats less than 4.5 kg, give 1 ampoule of Program (at 133mg), and for cats >4.5 to 9 kg, give 1 ampoule of Program (at 266 mg). Remember the following considerations when giving Program Oral Suspension:

  • Protects against fleas.
  • Administer once a month.
  • May be given year-round.
  • Give by mouth (oral), before or after feeding.
  • Best for flea prevention and control (severe cases may need adulticide control).

It may very well pay off to use Program oral suspension as a prophylactic (preventive). It is also very safe and effective, and does not cause any skin irritation or any dangers of licking or drug sensitivity reactions. It is also a great alternative for untamed cats that cannot be held. Include the suspension with food and voila, instant flea control. Before opening, mix the package first, and cut open with scissors. If there are several animals in the house, treat all of them with Program oral suspension or tablets (for dogs).
If your cat shows any signs of itching, chewing and licking, or if you notice some flea dirt on their skin, you cat may have a case of flea infection. Some cats will also show some signs of inflamed, red skin that is dermatitis, and is an indication of flea infection. You might even be able to spot the presence of fleas. In addition, your cat can get tapeworm infection, as a secondary result to flea infestation. To prevent this from happening, be sure to include Program oral suspension in your cat’s monthly maintenance, to keep her safe, sound and healthy.

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