Tri-Heart Plus Review

Any type of dogs regardless of the age can be infected with hookworms, roundworms, and most especially heartworms. It is a good thing that Tri-Heart Plus is created. Protecting your dog has never been this easy. Tri-Heart Plus contains the active ingredients ivermectin/pyrantel. The combination of the two components is perfect in protecting your dogs from acquiring such infections. The drug is affordable, and surely a cost effective means of protecting your dog. Tri-Heart Plus comes in a chewable tablet. It prevents canine heartworm infection, but at the same time treats and controls ascarids.



Always see to it that you consult a veterinarian before starting out any medication for your pets. The dosing is greatly predetermined by the veterinarian. The dosing will surely depend on the weight of your pet. It will always be best to ensure that your pet is receiving the proper dosing, right administration, and proper medication to achieve the therapeutic effect of the medication. The chewable tablet is appealing to the dogs because of its flavor. You should encourage your pet to chew the tablet. To prevent the dog from swallowing the tablet, it is helpful to crush the tablet. See to it that your dog is getting the ample amount of the medication. Make it a habit to carefully observe your dog after giving the medication.


Make it a habit to examine the dog before initiating any form of treatment. You should be certain that your dog is clear of any infection before giving the Tri-Heart Plus. The drug is use to protect and prevent infection to your pets. It is not ideal to be given to pets that have current infection. Hence, it is proper to have your pet examine by a veterinarian before starting the medication. Keep all medications, especially veterinary medication out of children’s reach. It is not intended for human. If in the case of accidental ingestion by a human, induce vomiting, and call your primary care physician right away.

Side Effects

Reported adverse effects of the drugs are very rare. Side effects are basically observed when overdosing occurs. Basically, side effects target the neurologic system and gastrointestinal system of the body. The side effects are depression, drowsiness, lethargic feeling, loss of appetite, mydriasis, diarrhea, ataxia, hypersalivation, seizure like activity, and staggering. These side effects can be prevented if you will only give the proper dosing determined by the veterinarian.

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