What do Flea Bites Look Like And What Should Do?

The flea bites are common in the homes where pets are available. They are the tiny insects which are found on the body of your pets. Well, they are also found on human beings but these cases are quite low. They inject their saliva inside the host and then suck the blood to feed themselves. These bites are usually grouped in 3 line sense. The fleas are so small that they can not be recognized with naked eyes. They appear to be like small dots. The thing is that what do flea bites look like?
These bites results in itchiness in the skin and also appear to be red in color. It actually looks like a red spot on skin. Well, the flea bombs are the best option that will help you to avoid the infestation of fleas in house.

Human Flea Bites

The flea bites on humans usually occur in the lower section of the legs and close to the ankles. The haloes of the redness near the bite can last fro many hours as per the level of the reaction. It may result in itchiness and irritation in some individuals. Many individuals have reported the occurrence of extreme allergies having excessive swelling. The flea bites on children can prove to be severe than the adult bites.

How to Treat the Flea Bites?

Yes, the question remains the same- how to treat the flea bites? Prior to going to the family doctor for the proper medication you can try out the home remedies to give some rest to your mild irritation, allergy and swelling.
Wash your affected region with a detergent or an antiseptic soap which is mild. You should never use a strong soapy solution.
You can place the ice pack on the flea bites which will surely help in decreasing the inflammation and swelling.
In order to relieve the itchiness, you can apply some good amount of the calamine lotion.
You can buy a mild steroid cream such as hydrocortisone from your local pharmacy and use it to relive your pain, itchiness and swelling.

Flea Bites on Dogs

The Flea bites are really a pain in the neck. I mean to say it is a major issue. If your fog gets infested with these little creatures then their bites can ruin your pet’s life and yours too. The flea bites on dogs are really allergic and can result in excessive misery like scratching act till the skin gets inflamed, and bleeding starts up. Moreover, this problem can also lead to hair loss.
The very initial step is to control their infestation in your home with the use of flea bombs and foggers. This can really avoid the problem of flea bite up to 80%. This is natural, when these creatures will be over, these bites will also be over. Now bathe your pet with a nice and effective soothing shampoo. It is better to sue the flea killing shampoo for your pets. Stop their life cycle to have flea free home and environment.

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