What Do Flea Bites Look Like

Most people who have skin rashes or red and swollen skin would immediately assume that it is caused by ordinary insects. Only very few people would even consider it as flea bites because they don’t know what do flea bites look like. Flea bites are definitely very dangerous.
Not only does it cause swelling, redness and itchiness, but it can also transmit virus and diseases. Fleas are blood sucking animals. They feed on animals and even on humans. It is extremely important to know ‘what do flea bites look like’ to know if we are already victims of these bloodsuckers. Most importantly, we could get rid of these insects simply by knowing ‘what do flea bites look like’.

What do Flea Bites Look Like?

The question on ‘what do flea bites look like’ is dependent on how a person’s skin reaction. Generally, a flea bite would look like a small red dot on the skin with a single puncture point at the center. When fleas bite, they make a very tiny hole in the skin and inject saliva. For adults with sensitive skin, flea bites would usually look big, red and swollen. There is also a red halo surrounding the flea bite. Flea bites is also extremely itchy.
Their saliva contains anticoagulants and other enzymes that cause the skin to be hard and red. The injected saliva often contains virus and diseases and will then be transmitted to the host body. Fleas usually bit on the lower leg portion.
As mentioned earlier, several people may experience different skin reaction due to flea bites. What do flea bites look like for hypersensitive people? These people may experience itchy and swollen skin but may even get worse and transform into hives. For most individuals, flea bites are just red bumps on the skin.
Flea bites should not be taken for granted. Even if they look like ordinary insect bites, flea bites are extremely dangerous. When you have noticed flea bites on your skin especially on the lower leg portion, you should immediately take measures on how to get rid of fleas.
Now that you know the answer on ‘what do flea bites look like’, you should be able to know how to treat flea bites. When you have noticed flea bites, wash it immediately with antiseptic soap and clean water. Children are most vulnerable to flea bites therefore you should check your children if they are victims of fleas. Flea bite symptoms are generally more serious to children compared to adults.
Flea bites are not limited to human, animals can also become victims of fleas. What do flea bites look like on animals? Flea bites on animals look almost the same as flea bites on humans. They are red, swollen and has a single puncture on its center plus it is also very itchy. Once you notice your dogs to have flea bites, wash your pet and use flea bite remover to get rid of it.
Now that you know the answer to ‘what do flea bites look like’, you should check your pet, children and even yourselves if you have flea bites. Treat it immediately and find ways how to get rid of fleas in your home or in your pet.

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