Drinks and food during the holidays

Holidays are almost always accompanied by a feast, which ends not only with extra pounds, but also with health problems. You can try making healthy juices with eurolux electric orange juicer squeezer.

From overeating we get liver disease in the first place.

How to stop yourself?

In order not to feel the heaviness and pain, you need to limit the amount of food. And how to do this, if all these beautiful tasty things stand in front of your eyes and you want to try everything? The best way is to drink a lot. Even before you sit down at the table, drink sweet tea or sparkling sweet water, they are great for satisfying hunger. You should also drink plain water during meals – your stomach will fill up much faster.

A person needs at least 2 liters of water every day, but the water should not be mineral. It contains salts, so carbonated mineral water is necessary only for medicinal purposes, so you should drink plain still water. Tea and juices are also necessary, but not everything should be in moderation.

Delicious food is usually too salty, so it is necessary to wash it down with nonalcoholic beverages. In addition, the fun goes with dancing and excessive movement, which means the body needs more fluids.

Everyone knows that while drinking alcoholic beverages you need to keep in mind the amount you drink. Alcohol distributes all the fluid into the tissues (interstitial), which is why you wake up in the morning with edema. As a consequence, it is better not to put too much on the “green serpent” at the celebrations, but to drink, for example, a couple of glasses of champagne, especially if it is filled in extravagant sets for champagne, then you can also feel like a true aristocrat. There are usually no consequences from this amount of drinking.

However, if necessary, to get the body in order you need to drink more regular water, as well as diuretic drinks to expel excess fluid from tissues and direct it to the vessels and further – to the kidneys.